What Do You Want Lancaster County to Look Like in the Future?

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Last week, YPN hosted a networking mixer that featured a new community effort called places2040. Presented by the Lancaster County Planning Commission, and in partnership with numerous other organizations including The Lancaster Chamber, places2040 will be the community’s plan for the future of Lancaster County. It will focus on land use, transportation, and quality of life issues. Places2040 is different than other community development efforts because it is long-range in vision and county-wide in scope.

The fact is, Lancaster is growing, and it will continue to do so.

The question is, how will we accommodate this growth? By planning ahead, we can ensure that the landscapes that make Lancaster County unique will be protected, the corridors that we traverse on are safe and viable for all users, and the communities we live in will be healthier and more livable for future generations.

Learn more about how Lancaster is changing in this video: videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FholkXsBPTk

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At this stage in the process, we’re making people aware of places2040, educating them about the issues in Lancaster County, and (most importantly) asking for your thoughts on how you think Lancaster County should look and feel by 2040. Eventually, all of your input will be synthesized into a plan that reflects the whole county’s views on what’s most important to us, combined with LCPC’s advice on how we might go about making plans to achieve our goals.

The YPN Mixer was an awesome opportunity for Lancaster’s young professionals to learn about places2040, start thinking about how they relate to their surroundings, and engage with fellow young professionals about the directions they see Lancaster going over the next 25 years. Additionally, participants mapped out places they love and want to make better, and also where they live, work and play. There were lots of great conversations and connections made in an effort to make Lancaster County a better place.

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If you weren’t able to go to the mixer, you can still participate! Take the interactive survey at places2040.metroquest.com, and follow @places2040 on social media to get the latest news and events updates. If you’d like to volunteer your skills, knowledge, expertise or passion, please let us know by emailing info@places2040.com.

By: Lindsay Graham, Countywide Planner, Lancaster County Planning Commission

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